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9 Fashionable Black Wedding Bands That Every Man Should Consider

For decades, wedding bands, and rings in general, were either gold or white. In fact, gold and white metal rings have been the most popular and accepted styles for millennia. Other options include men’s wedding band with rose gold accents that complement his suit perfectly.

That has changed recently. Black rings, particularly the beautiful and arresting mens black wedding band selection available, are challenging and, in many cases, surpassing the gold and white-hued rings in popularity.

Beyond their beauty and distinctiveness, that surge in popularity is also due in large part to the exceptional variety available. That’s not just a variety of styles but the variety of exotic materials and non-metals used to make them. These include tungsten, the strongest natural metal in the known universe, ceramic, titanium, and more.

Take your wedding band fashion to the next level by opting for a bold, black ring. Consider a few of the available options.

Black Titanium Rings

Titanium is among the strongest and most durable metals available. It also happens to be among the lightest. That makes for a comfortable and scratch-resistant ring that’s available in a variety of colors, notably a deep black.

  • PHANTOM Black Titanium Brushed Center Spinner Wedding Band – At first glance, this ring is sleek, sexy, and sophisticated. Its polished outside accents frame a naturally brushed centerpiece—a combination that makes for an eye-catching contrast.

Better still, the centerpiece spins 360 degrees. Despite being wholly black, the contrasting elements and spinning base make for a dynamic and elaborate piece. It’s also the perfect thing for fidgeters.

  • NOIR Double Black Rope Inlaid Black Titanium Wedding Band with Diamond – The NOIR titanium ring is like the essence of film noir distilled into a single piece.

This handsome black titanium ring is inlaid with two parallel braided titanium ropes framing a clean center channel. A diamond in the center of the center channel draws the piece into unforgettable focus.

Black Tungsten Rings

As mentioned, tungsten is the strongest natural metal known to man. It is one of the strongest substances in general, ranking a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. (Diamond, the hardest material known to date, comes in at 10.)

That makes for an exceedingly scratch-resistant ring.

Plus, that level of hardness also means that engravings in tungsten rings stay far crisper and sharper for longer than is possible with the exponentially softer precious metals.

  • Handwritten Engraved Black Tungsten Ring – Your first step when looking for a mens black wedding band of any material is to choose an online source that offers engraving.

One of the simplest and most personal options for customized engraving is handwriting of your choice. Often, both partners will each get a ring with the same handwritten message on it, or each will get a ring with a written message from their partner.

  • Super Hero Engraved Black Tungsten Ring – Wedding bands should speak to the character, style, and tastes of the person wearing it. What if those tastes happen to feature a love and appreciation of comicbook culture and super heroes?

With an engraved black tungsten super hero ring, you and or your partner can pay tribute to your favorite good guys or even bad guys, if that’s your thing. There are engraved black tungsten rings available for:

  • Spiderman
  • Batman
  • Deadpool
  • Transformers and Decepticons
  • Superman
  • Harry Potter
  • The Punisher
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Daredevil
  • Your favorite Game of Thrones family
  • The X-Men, and many more.

Black Cobalt Rings

Cobalt is beautiful in both white and black, stronger than titanium, and among the most hypoallergenic metals available. Cobalt rings also feature superior scratch resistance and don’t crack under high pressure.

When you’re considering the game-changing mens black wedding band selection, be sure to add a few fascinating cobalt chrome styles into the mix.

  • Soft Squared Black Cobalt Wedding Band with Grooved Yellow 14k Gold Inlay – For one of the hardest metals that exists, this beautiful black and gold ring is surprisingly soft and luxurious.

In addition to a soft squared ring design, the gold inlay centerpiece features a grooved cross design that is guaranteed to draw the eye.

  • Cobalt Chrome and Black Polish Finish Meteorite Inlay – How amazing would it be to have a ring that featured an inlay of an alien material?

With the Cobalt Chrome and Black Polish Finish band featuring a meteorite inlay, that’s exactly what you get. This black cobalt ring is set with an inlay of an actual meteorite, allowing you to wear a band made from material that traveled millions of miles through space before finding its way to your finger.

Black Ceramic Rings

In addition to standing out as one of the few non-metal options for mens wedding bands, black or otherwise, ceramic rings have a whole lot to offer.

For instance, ceramic is among the lightest, strongest, and most scratch-resistant substances rings are made from. They are also among the most hypoallergenic and available in as diverse a variety of styles as their metal counterparts.

Like rings made from titanium, tungsten, and cobalt, ceramic rings also tend to be more affordable than those made from precious metals.

  • STAG Black Ceramic Mens Wedding Band with Off-White Antler Inlay – This wedding band features a smart, dramatic dichotomy that can’t be missed.

The off-white earth-toned speckling of the antler inlay stands out in sharp relief against the bright black of the ceramic ring. This wedding band is perfect for the hunter, outdoorsman, or nature lover.

  • IRIDESCENCE Black Ceramic Spectrolite Inlay Wedding Band – It’s unclear why Spectrolite isn’t a better-known gemstone. Originating in Finland, Spectrolite is a semi-precious gemstone that produces a truly dazzling display of color when illuminated.

The alluring IRIDESCENCE is a smooth black ceramic wedding band set with an inlay of high-grade Spectrolite that will put on an unforgettable, kaleidoscopic show when hit with light.

Plus, Spectrolite is also sought out by those looking for a healing stone that contributes to a greater sense of peace and tranquility.

  • PERMIAN Blue Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Black Ceramic Ring – Of course, there are few things cooler to a science buff, nature enthusiast, or person who appreciates the awesomest possible things than a meteorite ring. If there were to be something cooler than that, however, it would be a ring set with actual dinosaur bone.

The PERMIAN is a black ceramic ring sporting an inlay of authentic blue fossilized dinosaur bone. In addition to being an absolutely beautiful ring that was 230 million years in the making, the PERMIAN is an unbeatable conversation piece.

Better yet, these are just a few of the incredible black wedding bands that are available. Find one that speaks to you and your partner today.

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