Best Makeup Products Application Tips for Zoom Calls Virtual Meetings

If you are like many others in today’s workforce, whether you work remotely or not, you have to participate in virtual meetings regularly. It can be challenging to apply your makeup in these situations. Although a great look starts with good skincare routines, after you cleanse, tone and moisturize, you may wonder what makeup to apply and how to apply it so you look great in your virtual meetings.

Use Your Camera as a Mirror

It can be difficult to determine how your makeup looks on camera because it won’t always match what you see in the mirror. Cameras pick up reds and pinks that you may not see in a mirror due to technology and lighting differences. Therefore, if you can, put on your makeup in front of the camera you will use for your call.

Photo-Finish Foundation

Choose a foundation that provides medium to full coverage. Cream or liquid foundations work well, but when you finish, dust with loose or compact powder using a powder brush. A luxury foundation will provide a good base for the rest of your products.

Use Concealer

To brighten and sculpt your face, add concealer to a few key places. Start with your eyes. Focus on the inside corners and undereye areas. Add some to the top of your jawline. Then, apply concealer to your nose, but just the bridge area. This adds brightness and highlights these areas.

Bright Cheek Color

Video conferencing software can make you look a bit washed out. This can come across as you feeling uninterested or tired. To avoid this, choose a bright cheek color. Find a color that gives your cheeks and face some warmth and life. This color should be brighter or deeper than your normal color.

Choose a pointed brush. Remove the excess by tapping your brush. Then, apply your cheek color in an oval motion from the back of your cheekbones toward the apple of your cheek and back. Blend it well or dab a little off if it comes out too bright.

Matte Lipstick

Too much lip color or too much shine can make your lips stand out too much on video. Therefore, choose a matte option. Your color should be comfortable and soft.

Applying Eye Makeup for Zoom

As you create your look, avoid too much eyeshadow and applications like the smokey eye. These looks are too dark and bold for videoconferencing. Instead, choose a more natural look with softer, more neutral shades of eyeshadow. Then, find a dark eyeliner and apply it using the tight lining application. Avoid thick, heavy liners that can overpower your eyes.

You want to appear awake and alert on your Zoom calls. One of the best ways to do this is to make your eyes appear more open and brighter. To do this, curl your lashes. Then, choose a black lengthening mascara. Give your lashes a liberal coat but avoid clumping.

You should also fill in your brows and consider using brow shaping wax to keep them in place and look great.

Check your look in your camera or do a test video call with a friend before your meeting to ensure you are camera-ready.

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