Creative Marketing Using Custom Keyrings

Competition is stiff in the business world. Businesses spend millions on marketing and advertising every day. However, this is a luxury that most SMEs cannot afford. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot market your brand and products on a budget.

One of the most creative and budget-friendly marketing options is using promotional products. The items are customized with brand colors, logos, and slogans. You can go the extra mile by adding a personalized message to make the promotional item more sentimental to your clients.

From the many options available, keyrings make one of the best promotional items for your business. Herein are tips to help you design stylish and practical custom keyrings for your brand.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you start sketching design ideas, do a little research about your target audience. The research will help you tailor the design to their liking. What age group do most of your customers fall into? Are they outdoor lovers or tech-savvy guys on a 9-5?

If most of your customers are teenagers, you can design keyrings featuring famous cartoons or anime superheroes. Tech-savvy guys will get more value from the custom keyrings if they come with an attached flash drive or integrated phone stand.

Choose the Best Material

You have to consider production costs and durability when selecting materials. Metal and leather can make quality keyrings with a touch of elegance and modern vibes. But what if you want a product that is more sustainable and eco-friendly?

Bamboo and recycled plastics can be good options if you want to complement your brand’s personality. Still, consult a manufacturer like Rocket Badge to learn about printing options and what materials will work best with your design.

It’s Time to Choose Shapes

You have many options when designing custom keyrings for brand promotion and marketing. Now, you can opt to go with regular shapes or a minimalist design featuring only your logo, slogan, and business name. Simple designs can be effective most of the time.

However, you can exploit your creativity by designing keyrings with irregular shapes tying back to your brand or product. Think of it this way: suppose you run a music shop selling sound equipment. A miniature guitar with a keyring holder will look more stylish and on brand.

Make the Product More Sentimental

Your goal is to leave your customers with a lasting impression. You can add personalized messages on the custom keyrings to make them more sentimental. This can be anything from a birthday message to a thank you for being a loyal customer.

Remember, custom keyrings can be used for other things besides marketing. They can make wonderful gifts for your employees, family, and friends. They can also be used to spread awareness or market an upcoming community or brand event.

Final Takeaway

Creativity is the name of the game when designing custom promotional products. You can make limited-edition custom keyrings to celebrate milestones and generate a sense of exclusivity. The tips in this guide will help you make custom keyrings that are functional and effective billboards for your business.

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