25 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Weave Ideas

The world of weave hairstyles is vast and varied. Among the most trendy and sought-after looks are the half up half down styles. These styles provide a beautiful blend of sophistication and playfulness, making them perfect for nearly any occasion. Here’s a look at 35 enchanting half up half down weave hairstyles, packed with styling tips for each!

1. Classic Half Up Half Down Weave

A timeless look where half of the hair is pulled up while the other half flows down.

2. Bun with Flowing Curls

A half-up bun combined with curly weave extensions cascading down.

3. Sleek Black Half Up Half Down

A polished look emphasizing the rich black hue of the weave.

4. Quick Weave Top Knot

A swift hairstyle where the top portion is styled in a knot while the bottom flows freely.

5. Straightened Half Up Half Down Weave

A sleek style with the top pulled up and the bottom left straight.

6. Braided Crown with Waves

Half of the hair braided into a crown, combined with wavy weave extensions.

7. Ponytail Accent

Half of the hair in a ponytail, with the weave flowing freely below.

8. Braided Bun with Straight Weave

The top half braided into a bun, while the weave remains straight.

9. Twisted Half Up Weave

Twists secure the top portion with the weave hanging down.

10. Curly Bliss

Half up half down style with curly weave extensions.

11. Braided Front with Wavy Weave

Braids at the front leading to a half up half down style with wavy extensions.

12. Sleek Ponytail Look

A high ponytail combined with a straight weave flowing down.

13. Braided Half Up with Curly Weave

A mix of braids at the top and curly extensions at the bottom.

14. Simple Quick Weave Half Up

A basic and fast style for those on the go.

15. Short Bob Half Up

Half of the short weave bob styled up while the rest hangs freely.

16. Short and Sleek Half Up Weave

A short weave styled half up with a sleek finish.

17. Side Swept Half Up Weave

One side of the hair styled up with the weave cascading to the other side.

18. Simple Straight Half Up Weave

A straightforward style with the top portion pulled back and straight extensions flowing down.

19. Sleek Half Up with Weave Bangs

A sleek pulled back look combined with bangs made of weave.

20. Curly Top Knot with Straight Weave

A curly top knot combined with straight extensions at the bottom.

21. Half Up Bun with Short Weave

A bun at the top with short weave extensions flowing below.

22. High Ponytail with Curly Weave

A high ponytail combined with curly extensions below.

23. Twisted Sides with Wavy Weave

Both sides twisted leading to a half up half down style with wavy extensions.

24. Half Up Fishtail Braid with Weave

A fishtail braid at the top combined with a straight or wavy weave at the bottom.

25. Braided Half Up with Short Weave

A braided top combined with short weave extensions at the bottom.

Nyla Rose

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