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How to Get Smooth Hair: Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair

Some days, it can feel like your hair is fighting you. Even as you read this, you may be getting war flashbacks, remembering the days a comb broke in your ends, you snapped your millionth brush, or that frizz that would not go away no matter what you tried! If all this is making you want to shave it all off, wait! It is possible to make hair smooth and keep hair looking healthy and beautiful. Here are ways to achieve smooth hair, no matter the hair type—straight, wavy, curly, or coily!

Start with a Proper Hair Care Routine

Beautiful, smooth hair always begins with a strong hair care routine. The first step is keeping your hair and scalp clean. Start by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type.

You can do this by trial and error or simply doing lots of research and hearing from people with similar hair types. Once you find a brand that works for you, chances are that most of their products will work for your hair type. You can always find a wide range of hair care products to suit any need from the best hair care brands, like Amika.

Hydration is Key

One of the main factors for smooth hair is, of course, hydration. Dry hair usually has more frizz, making it rough. Therefore, people who want smooth hair must use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

You can purchase products like nourishing masks which help with deep penetration. This, in turn, provides hydration from the inside to the outside, leaving your hair feeling smooth and soft. But even with masks, you must not forget to regularly cream your hair. If you have a really dry scalp, you may also benefit from oiling it every two to three days.

Protect Your Hair from Heat

Hair styling tools, such as flat irons and curling wands, can make your hair dry and frizzy. Always apply a heat protection spray before you style with heat.

Embrace the Power of Serums

If you want smooth hair, hair serums might be another solution. Serums help to lock in the moisture and seal the hair shaft. They also provide an extra sheen.

Use a little bit of hair serum and run it through your hair after washing and styling. You can always purchase a hair serum that’s lightweight yet effective for everyday use from hair care specialists.

Avoid Over-Washing

Overwashing your hair can always remove the natural oils on your scalp, which can dry it out and leave it very frizzy. Of course, how much time you can let pass between washes is dependent on your hair type, sebum production, and lifestyle.

People with dry hair might need to wash as little as once a week and people predisposed to greasy hair might need to wash every day. The same goes for people who live less active lives compared to those who move more.

You can, of course, spray some dry shampoo in between to make sure your hair is looking fresh and clean instead of overwashing it and removing all the natural moisture.

Choose the Right Tools

Using hair tools can always make a difference when it comes to the smoothness of your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or a hairbrush with soft bristles for detangling and a smaller comb to style once all the tangles are free.

Try Overnight Treatments

There are many overnight treatments available that you can apply to make your hair so healthy and super smooth. They usually come in the form of a leave-in conditioner or a mask cream so you can just apply them to your hair and let the formulation do the job. After some time, rinse off the treatment to reveal the smooth and silky treated hair.

Tips for Maintaining Health, Smooth and Silky Hair

  • Rinse with Cold Water

Always give a last rinse to your hair with cold water after you wash your hair. This will close your hair cuticle and make it smoother and shinier.

  • Opt for Silk or Satin Pillowcases

This is very important. Cotton pillowcases usually create friction to hair resulting in breakage. It’s best to use a satin or silk pillowcase, which will make your hair smooth and silky.

  • Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair

Whatever you eat will have a direct impact on the shine and texture of your hair. If you want to grow healthy, smoother and silky hair, try to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Food such as avocados, salmon, nuts, and leafy greens are a good start.

  • Regular Trims

Don’t forget to get your ends trimmed every six to eight weeks. This will help against the spread of the split ends while letting your hair grow long and bouncy.

The Perfect Hair

Yes, it is possible to have gorgeous, smooth hair, with the right kind of hair care, tailor-made to your very individual hair. Find products that work for you, a routine that suits your lifestyle, give these hair tips a try, and you’ll be on your way to glossy, lustrous locks in no time.

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