Trend Alert: The Most Popular Glueless Wig Styles of the Year

Drum roll, please! If you follow hair trends, especially wig trends, you know that in 2024, closure wigs are the most sought-after wigs available.

There are many variations of closure wigs, and we will explore the most popular ones in this article.

Along the way, we will also discuss why this type of wig has taken over the wig market.

One of the most popular closure wigs is the Lace Closure wig.

Understanding Lace Closure wigs:

The lace closure wigs that are in the highest demand are made with real human hair. Using a double scalp makes lace-closure wigs challenging to tell from real natural hair. They give the wearer a sense of security and confidence that is often lacking with other wigs.

The double scalp layers give the lace closure wig the advantage over other wigs. When combined with real human hair, they allow for the illusion of a natural hairline. If you can’t find your preference in style, colour, or length, why not learn how to make a wig and create your own bespoke hair. The lace closure wig uses a tight mesh that allows air to flow between the wig and the scalp. At the same time, the mesh itself is almost flush against the scalp.

Nothing lasts like it used to. How long will a lace closure wig last?

The key here is buying a quality lace closure wig. The ones that last the longest and are of the highest quality will use only real human hair. You can expect five to eight years of use from your real human hair lace closure wig with proper care.

With proper care, a synthetic lace-closure wig will last one to two years. While synthetic ones might appear cheaper up front, they are more expensive because of their lower quality and lack of styling options.

Some of the trending lace closures in 2024

All of these styles have real hair lace closures. Some can also be found in synthetic variations, but others will not.

Real Hair Straight Lace Closure

This style of lace closure is popular among women who want options. You can use diagonal bangs, which have made a comeback this year with a straight lace closure. Long bangs will also look great with this lace closure. Bangs can also offer coverage for blemishes.

Kinky straight hairstyle using a Lace Closure

The kinky straight hairstyle using a lace closure will allow for thickness and

Many black women choose the kinky straight hairstyle for its proper thickness and bounce. This style is often combined with browns and other darker colors. Its ability to transform thinning hair into thick, beautiful hair makes it a winner.

Curly real hair lace closure

Finding a hairstyle that looks good can be challenging if you have a gaunt or pointed shape to your face. With the curly real hair lace closure, you can soften those angles.

The deep wave lace closure

This style is well paired with a ponytail or a curly bun. When you want a trendy look at work or play, the deep wave lace closure offers the versatility you need. Consider combining it with French braids for a unique look.

The deep wave allows for a fluffy appearance without looking wild and out of control. The deep wave is excellent with an HD lace-closure human hair wig.

The Body Wave Lace Closure Wig

Body waves are a hairstyle popular among celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The body wave wig can offer an elegant look while adding a sense of authenticity and maturity. The body wave looks good on most faces.

Square and round faces both gain a harmonious quality when wearing this hairstyle.

The Loose Wave Lace Closure Real Human Hair Wig

When you combine the loose wave with real human hair in a lace closure, you have unlimited styling options. With the ability to use heated styling tools like curling irons and crimpers, you can have a new style in moments.

The Water Wave Lace Closure Wig

Popular with active people, this hairstyle allows stylish comfort while hiking or playing tennis. The curly cascade of hair works well to cover blemishes on the face and neck. The gentle flow of hair resembles water falling, and it is named for this similarity.

How to use Lace Closures to their best benefit:

One of the largest complaints and fears people have about wearing wigs is having other people notice they are wearing them. The dreaded wig alert that became famous in the 70s and 80s still exists today.

With real human hair lace closure wigs, you can eliminate those fears. In fact, with a little practice, you can make it almost impossible to tell you are wearing a lace closure at all. These tips will help you successfully wear a lace closure without anyone knowing.

Prepare your natural hair before putting your lace closure.

One of the quickest ways to spot someone wearing a wig is to see their natural hair popping out of the wig. This is a dead giveaway. It is easier to conceal short and thin hair than a full head of hair. But it can be done with long or short hair.

Comb it with short and/or thin hair and use a little hair oil to make it more manageable. You want to comb it up and onto your head. The edges are where you want to watch for any loose hairs that might stick out. Use bobby pins to secure it in place.

If your hair is really short and thin, use a wig cap to secure it. The wig cap will also give your real-hair lace-closure wig something to fasten onto. Wig caps also protect your natural hair and can provide a more secure fit for lace-closure wigs.

Putting on a lace closure wig:

Begin with your head angled forward. Begin at the forehead and slide the lace closure on, similar to putting on a shower cap. Placing a mirror in front and behind you will help while learning.

This will allow you to see the back and front of your head.

You want to align the lace-closure wig with the natural hairline so it blends in. A wide-toothed comb can help shape the real hair of the lace-closure wig. You want a loose but wind-blown look.

Remember, with real hair lace closures, you can use your regular heated styling tools. Be careful to monitor the heat settings and follow the manufacturer’s directions. A ribbon or scarf can add a little pizzazz and go a long way toward making you feel secure with the lace closure.

Ready to see some Lace Closures in person?

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