The Summer Occasions for Fashion Tops (and Top Styling Tips!)

Summer is a busy time of year. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new mom or a working professional who wants to enjoy the season in her best outfits. Embracing the warmer weather means being ready for your wardrobe options to change. You can get away with slowly transitioning your wardrobe during spring by keeping some of your favorite cold-weather pieces in your rotation temperatures really start to rise.

Once summer is in full swing, it’s time to bring out the fashion tops women love wearing and decide how you want to style them. While it can feel like a bit of a challenge to change your whole wardrobe for a new season, it’s also a great opportunity to switch up your look.

You might think you have to limit your summer wardrobe to shorts and tanks, but there are all sorts of ways you can experiment with the latest trends. The most important detail is how your go-to styles fit and help you feel confident. If you need some inspiration to ensure your sense of style is on point for the season, here are six summer occasions when you can try something new with your stylish tops this summer.

Backyard BBQ

Summer and BBQs go hand-in-hand, which means you need more than one outfit for every time friends and family want to get together and fire up the grill. While you can get away with wearing the same pair of jeans to multiple BBQs (which is understandable because jeans are your favorite part of your wardrobe), you definitely need a wide variety of tops. BBQs are your chance to socialize and enjoy some fresh air, so wear a top that helps you feel comfortable and confident. Think bright, patterned, or a little whimsical.

Styling Tip: A flutter sleeve top with a fun floral print pair perfectly with the popular boot jeans women love to wear for on-trend looks. Bring a soft cardigan for after the sun sets and wear the whole look with a pair of ankle-high boots.

Beach Day

If you live near the ocean, a river, or a lake, you’ll probably enjoy a beach day more than once during the summer. If you have kids, you might even go as often as once a week. No matter what, you’ll definitely want to splash around in the water with your little ones or with your closest friends. However, before and after all the fun, you can wear a summery woven top that looks boho beachy. Choose a top with flutter sleeves or a sleeveless top to stay cool in the hot summer weather.

Styling Tip: Style your boho flutter sleeve top featuring crochet details with a pair of cute cargo shorts. If you’re staying at the beach late into the day, bring a pair of cropped jeans to change into if you get chilly in the evening.

Bonfire Night

Summer bonfires are a fun way to hang out with friends and family once the sun goes down. Bonfires have always been fun, and they only get better as you enjoy more of them. You might go to bonfires in the backyard with family or on the beach after a holiday girls’ trip. Since the fire will keep you warm, you can keep things cool and comfortable with an understated top with plenty of subtle style.

Styling Tip: Choose a stylish, short sleeve blouse with ruffles, a dip dye look, or both, and pair that with some casual cargo pants for women. You can complete this look with a denim jacket and keep your feet comfortable with some casual footwear, like sneakers.

Brunch Date

When you’re not hanging out with the family, summer adventures can take you to brunch with friends. A brunch with your girls is the best way to show off your sense of style and talk about your favorite looks. If you have a favorite pair of jeans with defining characteristics like super-stretch denim and a “booty lift” effect, brunch is the time to tell your friends about it. You can wear those jeans with fashion tops women love to show off your style and your curves.

Styling Tip: Wear a short sleeve embroidered knit top or a blouson sleeve split neck woven top with a pair of jeans for indoor brunch occasions. Pair the same tops with a skirt when you want to sit outside. Alternatively, you can rock a cropped jean style in either setting on cooler days. They’re definitely on-trend this year.

Classic Family Dinner

Between all the events, you’ll find yourself having dinner with family at home or down the street at your go-to local restaurant. You don’t necessarily need to feel like you should dress up for this occasion, but you still want to have clothes that fit well and help you feel good. Stick to easy-going, casual fashion tops for nights at home or the pizza parlor. Trust your fashion sense and the brands you love to help you create an outfit with some exciting summer styles.

Styling Tip: You can stick to knit tees to keep things extra comfortable on family nights because they have more stretch. Wear your knit tees with colored jeans or girlfriend jeans for relaxed vibes that still offer a curve-hugging fit. If you’re going to tuck your shirt into your jeans, make sure they have a “no-gap” waistband to offer an all-around perfect fit. 

Busy Chore Day

If you’re staying at home for a chore day, you can still look and feel great in the outfit you wear while you vacuum, catch up on dishes, and run what feels like 50 loads of laundry. Chores are a year-round task, and during the summer season, you never know who might turn up at the house. Plus, with all the sunlight, the days feel a little longer—and there’s never a shortage of tasks to do. Your busiest days might call for an even more casual outfit than dinner at home with the family. Try crewneck tees and jeans or jeggings made with comfortable stretch.

Styling Tip: You can show off a bit more of your style by choosing a printed crewneck tee that shows off your personality and pair it with your favorite pair of comfy jeans, whether they’re skinny jeans, girlfriend jeans, or jegging jeans. You can even make the look a little more trendy by choosing some distressed denim.

Dressing for all your different plans this summer can be a great way to expand your wardrobe with high-quality styles that hug your curves and flatter your shape. You can choose from the wide variety of fashion tops women love to wear for BBQs, beach days, casual dates, and busy days around the house. With a cute cargo skirt or your favorite pair of jeans, you can create a summer wardrobe that offers enough versatility to look and feel your best all season long.

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