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Hairdressing for Men: Tips When Visiting Your Professional Hairstylist

We expect a lot from our hairdressers and stylists, and we do not stop to think that they expect a lot from us, too. They expect us to be decent humans when we are getting our hair done, especially about keeping an appointment with them. They give the best service to us, and in return, we just need to respect their time as well. During the appointment, there are also some things that you need to be mindful of so to keep your haircut and styling done quickly and with quality.

You can get your hair done in many different places, and you might want to choose a great hairdresser to get your hair done the way that you want. You can only expect the best from MacGregor Hairdressing who always makes sure that your hair is done to your expectations. They can also help you to find the right style.

This article will give you some tips on how to treat your hairdresser. It will let you know some of the things that they wish you knew.

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Tips from Your Hairdresser and Stylist

Keep Your Appointment

Things happen and sometimes you just cannot keep your appointment. If this does happen, call your hairdresser, and let them know that you cannot make it. They need to know so that they can schedule another appointment in your place. They rely on you being there for their pay.

Know What You Want

Go in knowing what kind of style you want. They don’t mind readers and don’t know what you want: If you want something completely different and are not sure what you want, you might be able to ask them for some ideas. However, it is best if you know what you want before you get there.

Wash Your Hair

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to wash your hair before you come in. This makes your hair softer and easier to cut and style. Do not use any styling products on your hair after you wash it. If you do not wash your hair, the barber will do it for you at an extra cost.

Do not Wear a Tight Hat

Do not wear a tight hat such as a beanie all day before your appointment. This makes it difficult for the hairdresser to do their job correctly. Hat hair really changes the look of your hair and makes it difficult for the barber to cut your hair. It changes the overall look and feel of your hair.

Stay Still

When the clippers are on, stay still. If you move around a lot or even a little, the hairdresser can make mistakes and make cuts that you do not want. If you need to move, they will let you know by moving your head for you. Stay as still as possible to help them do the job right.

Do not Check Your Reflection

Do not keep looking at your reflection the whole time your hair is being cut. This goes along with keeping your head still. If you are checking your reflection, you are not putting your head where it belongs. This can create problems for the barber.

Your Beard

If you are just starting to grow out your beard, you cannot always expect a barber to cut it for you. This is especially true if your beard grows patchy and wispy. See here for some beard ideas.

Your Mustache

If you are getting work done on your moustache, do not look the hairdresser in the eyes. This is creepy for both of you, and it just should not be done. Do not creep out the hairdresser and keep your eyes averted.

Do not Turn Towards Them

You do not need to turn towards them when you are talking to them. They can hear you just fine. Just keep still and move only when they want you to move. This helps them to do the job the best.

Divisive Conversation Topics

Stay away from divisive conversation topics such as politics or religion. These topics have strong opinions and can cause issues if your opinions differ. You do not want to start an argument with your barber while they are cutting your hair. Stick to safe topics like your kids and your job.

Keep it to Yourself

There are other topics that you should avoid, as well. These include family drama or major illnesses. If you do not want to talk about it in your workplace, do not talk about it in theirs. Keep the conversation bright and happy.

Keep Phone Calls Short

If you get a phone call while getting your hair cut, keep it short. Let the caller know that you are busy and will get back to them later. Then hang up and focus on your cut. You do not want to interrupt your hairdresser and they do not want to be involved in your conversation.


Your hairdresser wants to give you a good, quality haircut, and doing your part as well will definitely give a great result.

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