3 Design Trends to Enjoy While You Work From Home

You might split work time between home and office, you could have a sweet freelance gig, or maybe you’re your own boss. No matter why you work from home, you spend considerable time in that setting. Not only is it where you live, eat, and sleep, but it’s also where you ideate, type, and make it possible for you and your family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. So, it’s not just about the laptop or the schedule—it’s about the home design, décor, and the clothes you wear. This year, the trends are changing, and it’s time to say goodbye to baggy sweatpants and minimalism in favor of a pajama shorts set and a bit of maximalism.

Set yourself up for success in a captivating ambiance that nurtures a robust work discipline intertwined with a quest for exploration. Delve into the latest design and décor trends outlined below, anchored by expert insights from Elle Decor. You’ll be enamored by the intricate adornments and imaginative artistry embellishing your interiors, from your workstation to your loungewear.

Bold Hues in the Home

According to House Beautiful, bold hues have emerged as a standout trend this fall, even casting shades like vivacious red and scintillating pink as the emblematic tones of the season. This stylistic flair promises to linger, invigorating spaces with its resplendent charm. Incorporate these colors to rejuvenate your ambiance, crafting a radiant, stylish work alcove that both inspires and invigorates.

Accent Walls

Accent walls serve as a canvas for creative expression, infusing rooms with vibrancy or a captivating motif. You might have observed acquaintances showcasing walls painted in electrifying shades like crimson, azure, or emerald—voilà, that’s an accent wall! Venturing beyond the traditional palette? Consider wallpaper. Opt for intriguing designs like a metropolitan toile, gingham, or even an eccentric camel motif, infusing your space with a dynamic blend of color and quirk.

Home Décor

Enliven your workspace by introducing art prints, a suggestion echoed by interior design experts at Architectural Digest. Especially if the dominant theme is monochromatic, sprinkling in vibrant prints and hues can create eye-catching focal points. Your workspace, then, becomes a tapestry of muted shades punctuated by bold patterns and colors.


For those hesitant about a kaleidoscope of wall colors, why not let your attire do the talking? Embrace loungewear sets adorned in striking prints. These are not only comfortable but exude such style that you wouldn’t hesitate to answer your door, jump on a Zoom call, or even meander around your neighborhood in them. Explore patterns that resonate with you, such as a California toile, banana foliage, or a verdant ensemble featuring majestic cheetahs. Transitioning from work to relaxation to slumber, these pajama sets seamlessly complement your rhythm of life.

A Home Sanctuary

A home is a safe haven for the family, as Architectural Digest often showcases. However, while you’re engrossed in work, it’s less ideal having your kids, partner, or sprightly pet frolicking around. Yet, the concept of a monotonous home office feels archaic. In 2023, the trend leans towards a radiant, personal sanctuary. While some are transforming their spaces into yoga studios or self-care havens, there’s room to craft yours into a passion project hub, invigorating you to tackle diverse tasks, from work agendas to creative assignments.

Your Personal Touch

As Vogue frequently emphasizes, clothing articulates one’s personality. Within your sanctuary, opt for attire that embodies comfort and mirrors your essence. Adorn yourself in pristine pajamas with embroidered initials, chic PJ shorts sets, or premium robes boasting exquisite patterns. Alternatively, fuse modal pajama tops with classic black jeans or a suave silk skirt. After all, your fashion choices offer the most intimate touch to any setting.

Your Favorite Designs

Your sanctuary’s aesthetics should echo your preferences, be it through your choice of pajamas, the wallpaper, or other decor elements. Brands like Anthropologie present a plethora of unique designs. Although a colleague might possess a somewhat analogous workspace, the nuances in prints, motifs, and artifacts set each space apart. In this realm, opting for audacious yet balanced designs can elevate the ambiance, crafting a niche that’s unmistakably yours.

Your Personalized Touches

Distinguish between what’s ‘personal’ and ‘personalized’. When you’re stationed at home, integrating elements that foster a homely aura is paramount. While the joy of tailored items, like pajamas, is undeniable, diversifying this bespoke touch can enrich your space further. Consider procuring a Lucite tray adorned with your initials or selecting a monogrammed tea towel as a decorative accent.

Traditional Design Choices

After all the minimalist styles in modern homes, many people are choosing to go back to a more traditional take—think of elaborate, Regency Era décor or something closer to home, like the 1960s or 1970s. While you won’t necessarily want your at-home workspace to look like your grandmother’s sitting room, some maximalism is a trend worth pursuing.

Vintage-Inspired Prints

While you don’t have to decorate your home like your grandmother did hers, you can take a little inspiration from vintage-inspired wall art and prints with that vibe and contribute to a maximalist aesthetic. Hang bold word art prints and gallery prints, or take from bar chic looks and grab a print with alcoholic beverages and a saucy phrase on the front—think of it as inspiration for the reward after you finish work.

Ornate Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to contribute to a traditional design. The more ornate, the better. You don’t have to do the whole wall, but a colorful horse and tassel accent wall or black and white jungle leaves spread over two walls will look stunning in a workspace catering to your unique tastes. Choosing a more ornate or unique wallpaper is an exciting way to skirt the line between stylish and overdone. Still, it can look like you hired a professional interior designer when you do it well.

Matching Fashion Aesthetics

What’s more elegant than beautiful wallpaper and a pajama shorts set? Wallpaper and pajamas from the same brand. It’s easy to see when two pieces of art come from the same artist or brand, and that applies when the art is on different mediums—wallpaper and a green pajama set. Give your space an air of traditional luxury with matching fashion aesthetics so everything flows in your workspace.

Working from home comes with its own pressures, deadlines, and successes. While you may want to avoid the stressors as much as possible, the wins will be all the more enjoyable when you’re in a setting you love. Create a space that is uniquely your own using the latest design and décor trends and a touch of personality, and wear something that makes you feel comfortable, stylish, and proud. When you can harness that energy and use it to fuel a healthy relationship with work, nothing will get in the way of great success—you don’t even have to leave the house.

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