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Get the Aaron Rodgers Haircut: Your Barber-Approved Guide

Aaron Rodgers, the iconic quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is just as well-known for his signature hairstyles as he is for his legendary play on the field. Whether it’s the longer, effortless “John Wick” vibe he sported recently or his classic short and neat style, Rodgers’ hair always looks on point.

If you’re a fan and looking to emulate his style, you’re in the right place. This guide breaks down exactly how to achieve the Aaron Rodgers haircut and provides styling tips to keep your look fresh off the field.

Understanding the Aaron Rodgers Cut

Aaron Rodgers has rocked a few variations in his hair journey, but his most common go-to is a timeless, versatile, and easy-to-maintain style. Here’s what defines his classic cut:

Short sides and back:

The sides and back of Rodgers’ hair are neatly trimmed, typically starting with a low clipper setting near the bottom and gradually increasing in length as it blends up towards the top. This creates a clean, tapered look that frames the head nicely.

Length on top:

The top section is where you have more room for personalization, but it’s typically kept around 2-3 inches long. This allows for enough hair to style into a variety of looks, whether you want a classic side part, a textured brushback, or something in between.

Textured and slightly messy:

One of the keys to the Rodgers look is a touch of texture and an effortlessly styled appearance (Source). It’s not overly slicked-back, giving it a casual yet polished feel. To achieve this, barbers will often use point cutting techniques to remove bulk and add texture to the hair.

Communicating with Your Barber

The key to getting the perfect Aaron Rodgers haircut is clear communication. Here’s what to tell your barber:

  • Reference photos: Bring a few pictures of Rodgers with his preferred style. This gives a visual guide for your barber.
  • Side length: Explain how short you want the sides and back. You can use clipper guard numbers (e.g., #1 or #2) or descriptions like “tapered fade” or “skin fade.”
  • Top length: Let your barber know how much length you want to keep on top. You can say something like, “Leave about two inches on top.”
  • Styling preference: Mention that you like a “textured and slightly messy” look – this is how Rodgers typically wears it.

Styling Your Rodgers-Inspired Cut

Once you have the cut, here’s how to style it like the Green Bay legend:

  1. Start with damp hair: Towel-dry your hair after a shower, leaving it slightly damp but not soaking wet (Source).
  2. Work in a styling product: Use a lightweight styling product like a styling cream, pomade, or wax. A matte-finish product works best for mimicking the natural texture of Rodgers’ hair.
  3. Create texture: With your fingers, distribute the product evenly, tousling your hair to achieve the desired messiness and shape. You can accentuate individual pieces for a more defined, textured look.
  4. Blow-dry (optional): For added volume and hold, use a blow dryer on low heat while shaping your hair.
  5. Finish with hairspray (optional): If you want even more hold, a light spritz of hairspray can help your style last throughout the day.

Variations on the Theme

While Rodgers has a go-to cut, you can play with subtle changes to make it your own:

Slicked-back for a polished look:

If you’re going for a dressier vibe, try combing your hair back with a bit more product for a sleek, polished finish. This is a great option for formal occasions or when you want to show off a more sophisticated side.

Longer on top for versatility:

If you prefer a little more styling flexibility, consider keeping the hair on top slightly longer, perhaps around 3-4 inches. This allows you to experiment with different styles, such as a swept-back look, a textured quiff, or even a casual man bun.

Embrace your curls!

This haircut can be adapted to work well with curly hair textures. Your stylist can tailor the cut to maintain your natural curl pattern while still achieving a clean and defined look. Discuss product recommendations with your stylist to find the right formula to control frizz and enhance your curls.


To keep your Aaron Rodgers haircut looking sharp, regular trims are a must. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll want to see your barber every 4-6 weeks. And don’t hesitate to ask your barber for personalized styling tips based on your specific hair texture and face shape.

Ready to Rock Your Aaron Rodgers Hair!

There you have it – your ultimate guide to getting the Aaron Rodgers haircut. With the right instruction and a bit of styling practice, you’ll be sporting a winning look inspired by this football great.

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