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22 Burst Fade Mullet Haircuts to Elevate Your Style

The burst fade mullet is a standout in men’s hair, blending vintage and modern styles. It merges the mullet’s boldness with the burst fade’s sleekness, offering various options for all.

With choices from straight to curly hair, these 22 haircuts cater to different styles and needs. They mix the mullet’s classic appeal with a modern fade, offering diverse and stylish looks.

Whether you prefer a subtle low fade, textured curls, or unique designs, there’s a burst fade mullet for you.

Explore burst fade mullet haircuts ideas for a trendy and personalized haircut.

1. Classic Burst Fade Mullet with Straight Hair

The Classic Burst Fade Mullet with Straight Hair combines timeless appeal with a modern twist.

This look starts with a burst fade at the sides, which seamlessly blends into the straight hair on top, flowing effortlessly into a mullet at the back. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a sleek yet edgy appearance.

Easy to maintain and style, this haircut works well for formal occasions and casual outings alike, offering a versatile look that’s both sharp and sophisticated.

2. Curly Hair Mullet with High Burst Fade

For individuals with curly locks, the Curly Hair Mullet with High Burst Fade presents an exciting way to embrace your natural texture. The high burst fade gives a clean, pronounced contrast to the voluminous curls on top, which are left to cascade into a playful mullet.

This style not only accentuates the curls but also provides a refreshing blend of texture and dimension, making it a standout choice for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

3. Low Burst Fade Mullet with Wavy Hair

The Low Burst Fade Mullet with Wavy Hair is all about subtlety and grace.

This haircut features a gentle fade that merges into soft, wavy hair, creating a harmonious balance between the neatness of the fade and the natural waves. It’s an ideal pick for someone seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look that combines the laid-back vibe of the mullet with the refined edges of the burst fade.

4. Textured Burst Fade Mullet with Design Elements

Taking creativity to the next level, the Textured Burst Fade Mullet with Design Elements incorporates intricate designs shaved into the burst fade. Paired with a textured mullet that adds depth and movement, this haircut is for those who love to stand out.

Whether you opt for geometric patterns or something more abstract, this style is a declaration of personal style and artistic expression.

5. Modern Mullet with Taper Burst Fade

The Modern Mullet with Taper Burst Fade is a nod to contemporary trends, blending the classic mullet with a tapering burst fade for a sleek, updated look.

This haircut is perfect for the modern man who appreciates a clean silhouette but wants to retain a touch of the rebellious spirit associated with the mullet. It’s a versatile cut that can be adapted to suit various hair types and personal styles.

6. Short Hair Mullet with Buzz Cut Burst Fade

For those who favor a more minimalist approach, the Short Hair Mullet with Buzz Cut Burst Fade offers a low-maintenance yet stylish option.

The buzz cut fade provides a sharp contrast to the subtly longer lengths of the mullet, creating a clean and edgy look.

This haircut is ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-care-for style that doesn’t compromise on personality.

7. Long Hair Mullet with Mid Burst Fade

The Long Hair Mullet with Mid Burst Fade is a daring choice that celebrates the mullet’s versatility.

The mid burst fade transitions smoothly into the longer lengths of hair, offering a dramatic effect that’s both bold and beautiful.

This style works great for those who love to make a statement and are not afraid to show off their unique sense of fashion.

8. Asian Inspired Burst Fade Mullet with V Cut

Inspired by Asian hair trends, this haircut combines a precise burst fade with a striking V cut at the back. It’s a sophisticated style that plays with angles and lines, creating a visually stunning look that’s both modern and distinctive.

The V cut adds an extra layer of interest, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to incorporate some geometric flair into their hairstyle.

9. Straight Hair Mullet with Low Burst Fade

The Straight Hair Mullet with Low Burst Fade is all about seamless transitions and understated elegance. The low burst fade gently blends into the straight hair, creating a clean and polished look.

This style is perfect for those who prefer a more refined aesthetic but still want to embrace the mullet’s casual coolness.

10. Curly Mullet with Burst Fade and Middle Part

This style celebrates curls in all their glory, featuring a burst fade that amplifies the volume and texture of the curly top.

The addition of a middle part adds symmetry and balance, highlighting the face’s natural features. It’s a fantastic option for curly-haired individuals looking to experiment with their look while keeping it stylish and manageable.

11. Burst Fade Mullet with Curly Top

The Burst Fade Mullet with Curly Top is a testament to the beauty of mixing textures.

The burst fade creates a neat, tapered effect on the sides, allowing the curly top to stand out prominently. This haircut is an excellent choice for those who want to showcase their curls without sacrificing cleanliness and precision on the sides.

12. Mullet with Burst Fade and Straight Edges

This haircut is a sleek blend of sharp lines and smooth transitions. The burst fade complements the straight edges of the mullet, creating a look that is both edgy and polished.

Ideal for individuals who appreciate clean lines and a structured appearance, this style bridges the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics. It’s a versatile cut that works well in professional settings while still offering a touch of personal flair.

13. High Burst Fade Mullet for Men

The High Burst Fade Mullet for Men is a bold choice that highlights the contrast between the high fade and the length of the mullet.

This style is particularly flattering for those looking to elongate their face or showcase their hair’s texture. It’s a statement haircut that demands attention, perfect for the confident man who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd.

14. Mullet with Low Burst Fade and Curly Ends

Combining the ease of a low burst fade with the playful nature of curly ends, this haircut is the epitome of casual cool.

The low fade keeps things neat around the ears and back, while the curly ends add a fun twist to the traditional mullet. This style is great for those who want to embrace their natural curls in a unique and stylish way.

15. Modern Burst Fade Mullet with Textured Top

For a contemporary twist on the classic mullet, the Modern Burst Fade Mullet with Textured Top integrates texture and volume with a sleek fade. This look is all about creating movement and depth, making it an excellent choice for those with thinner hair looking to add body.

The textured top paired with the burst fade offers a modern, stylish look that’s both eye-catching and practical.

For a visual guide on achieving this look, check out the tutorial “BURST FADE MULLET | HAIRCUT TUTORIAL” on YouTube.

16. Short Burst Fade Mullet with Sharp Lines

This haircut is for those who love precision and sharpness in their look. The short burst fade mullet features crisp, clean lines that define the haircut’s shape, offering a bold and defined silhouette.

This style is perfect for individuals who prefer a more structured and meticulous appearance, showcasing a perfect blend of traditional and modern hair artistry.

17. Burst Fade Mullet for Curly Hair with Voluminous Top

Celebrating the natural volume and texture of curly hair, this haircut combines a burst fade with a voluminous top to create a look that’s full of life and personality. The fade adds structure and contrast, while the curly top brings softness and dynamism.

This style is ideal for curly-haired individuals wanting to flaunt their natural curls in a fashionable and controlled manner.

18. Mullet with Detailed Design Burst Fade

For those who view their hair as a canvas for artistic expression, the Mullet with Detailed Design Burst Fade offers an opportunity to incorporate unique designs into the haircut.

Whether it’s geometric shapes, lines, or more intricate patterns, this style adds a personal touch that makes your haircut one-of-a-kind. It’s a great way to showcase your individuality and creative spirit.

19. Mullet with Soft Taper and Burst Fade

Merging the gentleness of a soft taper with the crispness of a burst fade, this haircut offers a balanced and refined look.

The gradual fade provides a smooth transition between the different lengths of hair, making it a subtle yet stylish choice for those who appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted haircut. It’s a versatile style that suits various occasions and settings.

20. High Burst Fade with Sleek Mullet

This haircut elevates the classic mullet by incorporating a high burst fade, resulting in a sleek and streamlined look.

The high fade accentuates the sleekness of the mullet, creating a striking contrast that is both modern and sophisticated. This style is suited for those looking to combine the edginess of a mullet with the sharpness of a high fade.

21. Mullet Burst Fade with Subtle Highlights

Adding subtle highlights to a mullet burst fade can create depth and dimension, enriching the overall look of the haircut.

The highlights work in harmony with the burst fade, enhancing the haircut’s texture and movement. This option is perfect for those looking to add a touch of brightness to their style without overwhelming their look.

22. Edgy Burst Fade Mullet with Asymmetrical Design

For a truly unique take on the mullet, the Edgy Burst Fade Mullet with Asymmetrical Design combines unconventional lines with a bold fade.

This style breaks the mold with its creative use of asymmetry, offering a fresh and avant-garde approach to the traditional mullet. It’s an ideal choice for those eager to push the boundaries of hair design and express their individuality through their hairstyle.

To understand the differences between a burst fade and a drop fade, and to decide which might be the best fit for your style, read “BURST FADE VS DROP FADE: WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU?” available at CuttersYard.


Each of these 22 burst fade mullet haircuts offers a unique way to embrace this classic style while adding a modern twist.

Whether you prefer something understated or a haircut that makes a bold statement, there’s a burst fade mullet option out there that’s perfect for showcasing your personal style and attitude.

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