15 Mid Taper Mullet Haircuts to Try Now

Jump into our latest style journey as we unveil 15 incredible mid taper mullet haircut ideas!

It’s official: the mullet is back, striking the perfect balance between sleek sophistication and fun-loving flair. But when you introduce a mid taper into the equation, things get even more exciting.

Mid Taper Mullet Haircuts

From straight to curly, short to voluminous, we’re about to showcase a variety of styles that prove there’s a mid taper mullet for every taste.

Ready to discover the one that’ll have you looking your sharpest and most stylish? Let’s embark on this adventure together and find your perfect match!

1. Mid Taper Mullet with Straight Hair

The Mid Taper Mullet with Straight Hair elegantly mixes the bold mullet with sleek, straight hair. It features a smooth fade on the sides blending into longer top and back hair. Moreover, this look suits both casual and formal events, offering versatility. It’s great for those wanting length with a modern twist.

Regular trims keep the haircut sharp, and styling products like pomades or serums add shine and control. Consequently, this style is ideal for anyone seeking a low-maintenance, yet fashionable look that merges classic and modern vibes.

2. Curly Hair Mid Taper Fade Mullet

The Curly Hair Mid Taper Fade Mullet proudly embraces your natural curls, infusing them with a unique, fun twist through the iconic mullet style. This hairstyle artfully combines a sleek fade on the sides that seamlessly transitions into your lively curls on top, and finishes with a playful, extended length at the back. Significantly, it’s an amazing way to let your curls shine, adding a fresh and modern spin to the mullet’s timeless appeal.

Looking after this hairstyle is straightforward: choose products that enrich and define your curls, ensuring they stay frizz-free and look amazing. Additionally, to keep the fade crisp and the back looking tidy, regular haircuts are key. If you adore your curls and are seeking a standout look that’s still a breeze to maintain, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

3. Mid Taper Mullet with Wavy Hair

The Mid Taper Mullet with Wavy Hair gives the classic mullet a stylish, contemporary update that beautifully showcases the natural flow of wavy hair. This hairstyle features a mid taper fade on the sides, offering a neat and gradual transition that highlights the wavy texture on top and flows into the longer, playful length at the back. It’s a dynamic combination that brings together elegance and fun.

Keeping this hairstyle in great shape involves choosing products that bring out the best in your waves without making them heavy. Opt for lightweight mousses or sea salt sprays to define your waves and boost volume. To maintain the crisp look of the taper and the mullet’s overall neat appearance, regular haircuts are essential. If you’re someone who loves their natural waves and is keen on trying a contemporary twist on the mullet, this haircut is tailor-made for you.

4. Modern Mullet with Mid Taper Fade

Revamp the classic mullet into the Modern Mullet with a Mid Taper Fade! This fresh take combines sleek sides with a textured top and a signature long back. It’s where retro vibes meet modern flair, creating a look that’s both nostalgic and bold.

Bring this cut to life with texturizing products for an edgy, rugged top. Keep the sides crisp with regular barber visits. It’s the ultimate style for making a bold statement while rocking a look that’s versatile and totally in. Dare to stand out? This is your go-to hairstyle!

5. Mid Taper Textured Mullet

Meet the Mid Taper Textured Mullet, where clean mid taper lines meet the wild charm of a textured mullet. It’s all about those shorter sides flowing into a voluminous, textured top, ending in a classic longer back. The texture throws in a modern spin, making this mullet not just a haircut, but a statement.

To bring this style to life, reach for texturizing sprays or pastes. They’re your best friends in sculpting a look that’s rugged yet sleek. Keep up with trims to maintain that crisp taper and bold texture. If you love the mullet’s heritage but crave a modern twist, this hairstyle is your perfect match.

6. Short Mid Taper Mullet

The Short Mid Taper Mullet offers a toned-down twist on the classic mullet, featuring sleek mid taper sides and a neat, shorter back. It’s the perfect pick for those curious about the mullet vibe but aren’t ready for the full plunge. This style lets you flirt with the trend while keeping your look refined and easy to manage.

Caring for this cut is a breeze. All it takes are regular trims to maintain the clean lines of the taper and the tidy back length. Styling? Just a touch of pomade or gel for a polished finish. Ideal for anyone who values simplicity and style, this haircut nods to the mullet’s legendary silhouette without the fuss.

7. Mid Taper Mullet with Middle Part

Dive into the uniqueness of the Mid Taper Mullet with Middle Part, where classic mullet meets modern symmetry. The style sports a mid taper on the sides for a smooth transition to the longer back, while the middle part brings balance and frames the face beautifully. It’s a look that’s adaptable to both straight and wavy hair types, making it a standout choice for anyone eager to make an impression.

Styling this cut could mean grabbing a straightener or curling iron to emphasize the part, ensuring your hair drapes perfectly on either side. Keep it sharp with regular upkeep to maintain the taper’s precision and the middle part’s crispness.

8. Mid Taper Fade Mullet with Straight Hair

Step into the sleek world of the Mid Taper Fade Mullet designed for straight hair, where elegance meets edgy in a symphony of sharp lines and smooth textures. This haircut celebrates precision, pairing neatly tapered sides with straight, longer strands at the back for a refined yet bold statement. It’s the perfect blend of modern chic and timeless style, ideal for those who lean towards a polished look.

To ensure this hairstyle stays crisp, reach for smoothing products to keep your hair straight and frizz-free. A straightening iron can become your best ally in preserving the sleekness day after day. Regular barber visits are key to maintaining the perfect taper fade and the haircut’s precise silhouette. If you’re someone who treasures a clean, sophisticated look while flirting with the mullet’s daring edge, this hairstyle is your perfect match.

9. Mid Taper Curly Mullet

Rock your curls with the Mid Taper Curly Mullet! It’s where neat fades meet wild curls, blending a sleek side taper with the lively bounce of curls on top and back. This style is all about celebrating your curls with a cool mullet edge. Curls bring the fun, making every look unique.

Keep your curls looking their best with products made just for them—think definition and moisture. And don’t forget those regular trims to keep your taper sharp and curls in perfect shape. For the curly-haired looking for a bold yet easy style that shows off their natural texture, this is your go-to!

10. Mid Taper Mullet with Blonde Highlights

Give your mullet a bright twist with Mid Taper and Blonde Highlights! This look updates the classic mullet with sleek sides and pops of blonde that bring light and life to your hair. It’s all about adding flair without going over the top.

To keep those highlights vibrant, stick to color-safe care. A touch-up here and there will keep the blonde fresh and fabulous. And for that extra sparkle, find a styling product that makes your highlights shine. Ready to mix color with your cool mullet? This is how you make a statement!

11. Mid Taper Mullet Flow Hairstyle

Dive into the cool vibes with the Mid Taper Mullet Flow Hairstyle! It’s all about adding a splash of movement and chill to the good ol’ mullet. Picture this: sleek sides with a mid taper fade blending into long, flowy lengths at the back. It’s like giving the classic mullet a fun, fresh twist. And let’s talk about the “flow” — it’s the heart of this look, letting your hair do its thing and sway with an easygoing flair.

For styling, keep it simple. A dab of light hold gel or cream does the trick, keeping your hair’s vibe alive without dragging it down. And hey, don’t forget those regular trims to keep everything looking sharp. If you’re all about that laid-back yet snazzy look, this hairstyle is your new best friend. It’s all about celebrating how your hair wants to groove.

12. Mid Taper Fade with Mullet for Curly Hair

The Mid Taper Fade with Mullet for Curly Hair is designed to accentuate the beauty of curly textures while incorporating the edgy elements of a mullet. The mid taper fade on the sides provides a sharp contrast to the voluminous curls on top and the extended length at the back. This hairstyle celebrates curls by allowing them to be the focal point, adding texture and interest to the mullet silhouette.

To keep the curls defined and frizz-free, it’s crucial to use curl-enhancing products and to hydrate the hair regularly. The taper fade should be maintained with frequent visits to the barber to ensure the sides remain crisp. This haircut is an excellent choice for curly-haired individuals who want to embrace their natural texture while exploring the boldness of a mullet cut.

13. Mid Taper Blowout Mullet

The Mid Taper Blowout Mullet combines the sharpness of a mid taper with the volume and drama of a blowout style at the top and back. This haircut is about making a statement, with the blowout technique adding extra volume and lift to create a standout silhouette. It’s a bold and fashionable take on the mullet that’s sure to turn heads.

Styling this haircut involves using a blow dryer and round brush to achieve the desired volume, followed by products that provide hold and texture. Regular maintenance is key to keeping the taper neat and the volume of the blowout consistent. This hairstyle is suited for those who love to experiment with their look and aren’t afraid of a little extra attention.

14. Mid Taper Mullet Short Hair Look

The Mid Taper Mullet Short Hair Look is a minimalist approach to the mullet, featuring a subtle taper on the sides and a shorter, more manageable length at the back. This version of the mullet is perfect for those who appreciate the style’s essence but prefer a less dramatic execution. It’s a clean, understated look that maintains the mullet’s distinctive shape without going overboard.

Maintaining this hairstyle is relatively straightforward, with regular trims needed to keep the taper and the back length in perfect shape. Styling can be kept to a minimum, with just a bit of product to add texture or control. This haircut is ideal for individuals seeking a simple, easy-to-manage version of the mullet that still packs a stylish punch.

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15. Mid Taper Modern Mullet with Defined Edges

The Mid Taper Modern Mullet with Defined Edges is a sharp and contemporary take on the classic mullet style. This haircut features a precise mid taper fade on the sides that accentuates the clean, defined edges around the ears and neckline. The longer hair on top transitions smoothly into the extended length at the back, offering a modern twist on the traditional mullet silhouette. This style is perfect for those who appreciate meticulous grooming and a polished appearance.

Styling this haircut requires products that provide hold and definition to maintain the sharp edges and structured look. Pomades or gels are ideal for sculpting the hair and keeping everything in place. Regular appointments with your barber are essential to keep the edges crisp and the taper fade impeccable. This haircut is suited for individuals who want a sophisticated, yet edgy hairstyle that makes a statement in both professional and casual settings.


Each of these 15 mid taper mullet haircut ideas offers a unique take on the classic mullet, allowing individuals to find a style that best suits their personality, hair type, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or something bold and modern, there’s a mid taper mullet option for everyone. Remember, the key to a great haircut is not just the initial cut but also regular maintenance and styling to keep it looking its best.

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