Photogenic Hairstyles Perfect for Your Next Photoshoot

What a lucky time to be alive. We live in an age where photography is freely available and, for many, a beautiful form of self-expression. But regardless of whether you’re the subject of a photoshoot or just taking selfies around the house, it’s only natural to always want to look your best. So, which hairstyles always look good on camera?

Hairstyles for Long Manes

The truth is that not all hairstyles are created equal. Some styles look better on long hair, while others are much better suited for shorter lengths. So, if you have a long-flowing mane, here are some excellent hairstyles and how to master them before your next date with a camera.

A Long Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a specific style that just sings to the camera and always looks fantastic. First, you’ll want to spray your hair with a premium hair detangler to help keep your braids smooth and hydrated. Then you’ll divide your hair into two sections. Take a thin strand from the outside of each section and start layering them over one another all the way down until you form the perfect fishtail braid. Spray with a medium hold hair spray to keep everything in place.

Casual Beachy Waves

Beachy waves can give you the mermaid vibes you’ve been dreaming of. And the best part is that this amazing style doesn’t require heat styling. With beachy texturizing spray hair products, you can create beautiful mermaid waves with just a few products. Coat your dry hair with beach spray and scrunch your ends toward your roots to get the perfect wave. Once you get the waves you love, be sure to add an argan oil for shine and UV protection.

Cascading Curls

Cascading curls give off serious princess and goddess vibes, which is part of what makes this hairstyle so great for the camera. Get out your curling iron, hair detangler, and hair spray. First, prep your locks with a nourishing detangler that provides both UV and thermal protection. Section your hair out and get to curling. Make sure to spray each section with a medium-hold hair spray to keep your curls intact while you finish your look.

Mid-Length Styles

Mid-length hair has a ton of variety in terms of different styles. From a Marilyn Monroe vintage look to modern and sleek, embrace your medium-length locks with any of these three unique styles.

Vintage Glam Curls

This is the perfect style if you love the look of vintage photography. For this spectacular style, brush your hair thoroughly and pick up some hair rollers from the beauty store. It helps if you wet your hair. Just brush it before you section it out, and add your rollers one at a time. You’ll want to coat each roller with hair spray so your hair keeps that shape once you take the rollers out. Once your hair is free of the rollers, gently brush out your waves for a stunning vintage style. Just a heads up: this style will give you the illusion of much shorter hair.

Braided Updo

A braided updo always delivers a particular aesthetic of elegance. And the best part is that there are so many different ways you can create a beautiful braided updo. For an easy braided updo, start French braids down each side of your head and finish them to the ends of your hair. Then layer and weave the two braids into a low bun and fasten them with bobby pins.

Sleek, Straight Bob

The modern, sleek, straight look really gives your hair a platform to shine on. You’ll once again need your premium hair detangler, a smoothing styling cream, and your trusty flat iron. Prep your hair with your detangler and smoothing style cream before you blow dry. Add another layer of heat protectant on your locks before you run them through the flat iron. A pro-tip for this style is to make sure your ends are adequately moisturized with the right conditioner (curl care conditioner for curls, non-toning purple conditioner for blondes, etc.) so your ends are strong and moisturized and add to the sleekness of the look.

Short Hairstyles with Big Impact

Short hair can sometimes feel limiting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create unique photo-ready hairstyles with your short locks. It’s all about exploring which styles you love the most. Trust us; they will all look amazing on camera.

The Sleek Wet Hair Look

That sleek wet hair look might be easier to craft than you think. This trendy, photogenic look is all about hair cream and styling gel. A smoothing cream is perfect for this style, and you can finish it off with premium argan oil to add more shine and contribute to that wet look. Slick back your hair for an edgy photo-ready look.

An Edgy Pony Haircut

This look has a beautiful androgynous quality that can add depth to your photos. This style only works when your hair’s sides are cut very short. But if you have the cut, this style is a slam dunk. Essentially, you will just gather your longest pieces of hair and pull them back into a ponytail. Feel free to improvise upon this style with braids or loose pieces of hair so it feels unique to you.

Long, Textured Fringe

The long-textured fringe is probably the most popular look for short hair and with good reason. Textured fringe brings your hair to life and can give you weightless volume that is perfect for your next photoshoot. You’ll want to use texturizing spray hair products to create the definition and volume you need to rock this look. Tousle your fringe until you get the perfect look.

Easy Options for All Lengths

If none of these styles give you a photogenic look you’re after, consider some of these updo’s that are really perfect for any length of hair.

Sleek, High Pony

The sleek, high pony was brought into the spotlight by none other than Ms. Ariana Grande. But while she made this look burst into the spotlight, that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most photogenic updos in history. Use your smooth styling cream to slick back your hair into a high ponytail and secure any flyaways with bobby pins. You’ll walk into your photoshoot with pop star energy.

Space Buns

Okay, so space buns were big in the ’90s. But they are back, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. They provide a fun visual aspect to your hair and can give your hair a voluminous look. Just section off the top of your hair and separate them on either side of your head. Then form each space bun with clear hair ties and bobby pin them down to secure them. Loose strands of hair look adorable with this style, but you can always use a medium-hold hair spray to keep them at bay if you’d like.

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