The Best Curly Mullets for Men: Top 5 Picks

Curly mullets are having a major moment! But what exactly are they? Curly mullets are a playful and edgy hairstyle that combines short, textured hair on top and sides with a cascade of longer, flowing curls in the back. Imagine a party in the front, and a free-flowing, bohemian vibe in the back

This head-turning style first rose to fame in the 80s, becoming synonymous with rock stars and rebels. Recently, curly mullets have experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to celebrities and trendsetters embracing their versatility. This modern take brings a fresh, funky twist to the classic look, allowing for unique personalization and self-expression.

Benefits of Curly Mullets

Curly mullets offer a unique combination of benefits for those looking for a hairstyle that is both stylish and easy to manage. Curly mullets  provide incredible versatility in styling.  You can wear them tousled and wild for a carefree look, or slick them back for a more polished appearance.  The choice is yours!

Another great benefit of curly mullets is that they add texture and volume, even to fine hair. The shorter layers on top create lift and movement, while the longer curls at the back add fullness and dimension.  This makes it a great option for people with various hair types looking for a boost in volume and style.

Finally, curly mullets are surprisingly low-maintenance. Unlike some hairstyles that require constant styling and upkeep, a curly mullet can simply be washed and left to air dry, with minimal product needed. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want a stylish look without spending hours on their hair each day.

 Top 5 Curly Mullet Picks

1. The Classic Shag Mullet

The Classic Shag Mullet is a versatile and stylish choice for men with textured hair. This cut features choppy layers all around, maintaining a consistent length with a subtle emphasis on the back for a hint of that iconic mullet shape. This balance makes it perfect for those who want to embrace the mullet trend without going too extreme.

Ideal for medium to thick hair with loose to medium curls, the Classic Shag Mullet beautifully enhances natural texture. Embrace the effortless cool of **curly mullets** by styling with texturizing spray or salt spray to add volume and definition, creating a look that’s both current and effortlessly stylish.

2. The Modern Undercut Mullet:

The modern undercut mullet offers a bold and stylish option for men with naturally curly hair.  This cut features a sharp contrast:  short or faded sides paired with a longer, flowing mane on top and in the back.  This emphasizes the natural texture and volume of curly hair, resulting in an edgy, confident look.

To style curly mullets, opt for strong-hold gels or pomades to sculpt and define your curls while taming frizz. Consider adding a defined part for a touch of sophistication. This modern take on a classic cut embraces the unique texture of curly hair, making a statement that is both trendy and timeless. .

3. The Soft & Wavy Mullet:

The Soft & Wavy Mullet is your gateway to effortless cool. This style features relaxed, longer layers that flow from the top to a slightly longer back. It’s the perfect blend of subtle and stylish, especially for those embracing their natural texture. If the term “curly mullets” piques your interest but you’re hesitant about a dramatic look, this is your perfect starting point.

Men with naturally wavy hair will find this low-maintenance style incredibly easy to manage.  A dollop of lightweight curl cream or mousse is all you need to enhance your natural waves, tame frizz, and achieve that perfectly imperfect look.  The Soft & Wavy Mullet – understated, effortlessly cool, and always on-trend.

4. The Tapered Fade Curly Mullet:

The Tapered Fade Curly Mullet is a contemporary take on a classic style.  This cut features a sharp fade on the sides, gradually blending into a crown of voluminous, textured curls. The defining feature?  A confidently longer back, forming the iconic “mullet” silhouette. This style seamlessly merges modern grooming with a touch of retro flair.

Men with tight curls or coils looking for a fresh and fashionable haircut will love rocking the Curly Mullet. This cut highlights the natural beauty of textured hair.  To enhance your curly mullet fade, utilize a curl sponge or diffuser during drying. For added definition and moisture, work a leave-in conditioner through your hair.

5. The Long & Luxurious Curly Mullet

The Long & Luxurious Curly Mullet is a head-turning hairstyle for men who want to make a statement. This bold style features flowing curls that cascade down the back of the head, creating a look that is both dramatic and effortlessly cool. Perfect for those with naturally long, healthy curls, this mullet variation embraces texture and volume.

To keep your Long & Luxurious Curly Mullet looking its best, regular trims are crucial to prevent split ends and maintain the shape. Utilizing detangling products will help manage the curls, while hydrating hair masks will keep your locks healthy and frizz-free. Embrace the confidence that comes with this iconic hairstyle and enjoy the attention your  Long & Luxurious Curly Mullet  is sure to attract.

How to Style a Curly Mullet

Curly mullets are a bold and stylish choice, adding a playful edge to any look.  Styling them is all about embracing the curl and adding definition. Start by applying a curl-enhancing product to damp hair, then diffuse or air dry for bouncy, frizz-free curls.

To define individual ringlets and add texture, use a small amount of curl cream or gel. Scrunch the product upwards into your curly mullet fade for added volume and hold. Experiment with different partings and styling techniques to create your perfect curly mullet look.

Maintenance and Styling Tips

Rocking a curly mullet takes confidence and the right hair care routine. Finding a stylist experienced with both curly hair and mullets is crucial – they can help you achieve the perfect shape and style for your curls. Once you’ve got the cut, keep your curly mullet looking its best with products specifically designed for curly hair. Curl creams define and hydrate, while gels provide long-lasting hold.

Don’t forget, regular trims are essential to maintain the shape and prevent split ends, keeping your curly mullet looking sharp. Deep conditioning treatments once or twice a month will keep your curls healthy, bouncy, and full of life..


The curly mullet has undoubtedly shed its outdated image and emerged as a versatile and stylish choice for the modern individual. From subtle waves to tight coils, embracing the natural texture of curly hair unlocks a world of possibilities when it comes to rocking this unique haircut.

So, if you’re looking for a bold and trendy style, don’t shy away from the curly mullet. Explore different variations, find what suits your personality, and own the look with confidence. Embrace your natural curls and let your personality shine through with this fun and fashionable hairstyle!

People Also Asked

1.Is mullet good for curly hair men?

Men with naturally curly hair can rock the curly mullet without much effort. As suggested by its name, the curly mullet uses curly hair, so those with natural curls don’t have to fuss with their mullets in the morning. Texture and volume are key for curly mullets to look good.

2.Do mullets look attractive?

For many years, mullet hair was a style that was associated with rockers. Today, stylists have given it a more avant-garde twist so that it can be worn by both young people and stylish older people who may want a more elegant look. A mullet adds a rebelliousness that is so attractive when you want to change your look!

3.Is mullet tasty?

A versatile fish, the flesh is meaty and oily, substantial even. It is excellent smoked, baked, in a casserole, poached, or steamed. The roe of mullet is considered a delicacy.

4.Are mullets in style in 2024?

If the 2024 Met Gala red carpet is anything to go by, the mullet—one of the most divisive hair trends around—is back.

5.How to style a mullet?

The best mullet has lots of texture, so style yours with a beach hair spray on damp hair and as it’s air drying, mess it up a little with your fingers. Mullets also look better on second or third day hair, so skip the daily hair washing. Use dry shampoo between washes to soak up excess oil.

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