How to Cut a Mid Fade Mullet: Your DIY Guide to an Edgy Classic

Mullets are back and bolder than ever, and the mid fade mullet is a stylish blend of modern and retro. With its subtly graduated fade and party-in-the-back length, the mid fade offers both edge and versatility. And believe it or not, you can achieve this trendy cut right at home!

This step-by-step guide will give you the confidence and know-how to tackle your very own mid fade mullet. We’ll cover the essential tools, techniques, and tips to achieve a rockin’ cut. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to discover your inner hairdressing rebel!

Tools of the Trade: What You’ll Need

  • Quality Clippers: Invest in a good set with various guard sizes (#0 to #4 at least)
  • Scissors: Sharp hairdressing shears are essential for blending and shaping
  • Comb: A fine-tooth comb helps create precision lines
  • Cape or Old Towel: This will protect your clothes from those hair clippings.
  • Two Mirrors: One large and one handheld to check your work from all angles.

Step 1: Preparation is Key

Begin by washing and drying your hair, leaving it slightly damp for easier cutting. Next, determine where you want your fade line to end. Mid fades usually reach around the temples or top of the ear. Lightly mark your desired fade line with a washable marker or styling product so you have a clear visual guide. Finally, divide your hair into horizontal sections: bottom, mid, top, and back. Use hair clips to keep each section neat and manageable.

Step 2: Creating the Mid Fade Foundation

Start with a #1 or #2 clipper guard and begin cutting upwards from your neckline towards your marked fade line. As you reach the end of your fade, flick the clippers slightly outwards for a smooth transition. Now grab a #3 guard and start slightly below your fade line. Use short, vertical strokes to blend upward, gently feathering the clippers outwards to create a seamless gradient. If you want a super short fade, start at the very bottom with a #0 guard, blending smoothly upward into your #1 or #2 zone with brief feathering motions.

Step 3: Shaping the Top and Back

Decide on your desired length for the top and back sections. To achieve the quintessential mullet flow, aim for at least a few inches. Hold vertical sections of your back hair and trim off excess length with your hairdressing scissors. Use your comb as a guide for a clean cut. For a textured effect, try lightly point cutting into the ends of your hair. Gradually work your way forward, blending the top sections into your fade. Remember to check your work frequently with a handheld mirror for evenness.

Step 4: Blending and Refinement

Use the comb-over technique to refine your fade: comb sections of hair over the fade zone and carefully trim any stray hairs that stand out, creating a flawless transition between hair lengths. To ensure a crisp fade line, use your clippers without a guard. Work very slowly and check your progress constantly from different angles. Lastly, tidy up your neckline by trimming any wild hairs with your clippers, ensuring a polished final look.

Step 5: Styling Your Masterpiece

Add definition and texture to your fresh mullet with a small amount of pomade or wax. Apply it lightly throughout your hair for a modern, lived-in look. Use your fingers to shape the back and top sections of your mullet. For extra volume, blow-dry your hair while styling, or let it air-dry for a more natural, textured effect.

Additional Pro Tips

  • Invest in Good Tools: Sharp scissors and quality clippers will make your job much easier.
  • Watch Video Tutorials: Visual guides can clear up any confusion and boost your confidence.
  • Go Slow and Steady: Take your time! Rushing leads to mistakes. It’s easy to take off more hair but not to put it back on.
  • Enlist a Friend: An extra set of eyes, especially for the back, can be invaluable.

Styling Inspiration

You’ve put in the work to create your perfect mid fade mullet – now it’s time to unleash your styling creativity! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Slicked Back

This is the quintessential mullet style. Apply a generous amount of pomade or wax to your damp hair. Comb the top and sides back for a sleek, polished feel. This look exudes a touch of retro swagger that’s bound to turn heads.

Textured and Tousled

Embrace effortless cool and bring out your mullet’s natural texture. Spritz some sea salt spray into damp hair or work a texturizing cream into dry hair. Scrunch and twist sections to create a casual, tousled vibe that’s perfect for everyday wear. Think modern bed head for a laidback mullet with attitude.

The “Skullet”

Push boundaries with the ultra-edgy “Skullet”. This look amps up the drama of a classic mid fade mullet. Use clippers with no guard to shave the sides of your head completely, leaving a defined strip of hair from the top front to the nape of your neck. This style rocks the mullet silhouette with an extra punch of boldness.

Bold Color Accents

Add a vibrant twist to your mid fade mullet by incorporating a pop of color! Bleach and dye the longer sections of the back and top a bold hue like pink, blue, or even neon green. This creates a stunning contrast against your crisp fade and gives your look a playful, personalized edge.

Messy and Undone

For a rebellious rock-and-roll feel, let your mullet run a bit wild! Apply a bit of styling paste or pomade and then rough it up for a messy, undone style. This works especially well with naturally wavy or curly hair, emphasizing your mane’s texture and making a serious style statement.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try different products, experiment with volume and definition, and see what makes you feel most confident and expressive!

Beyond the Basics

Your mid fade mullet is already a statement piece, but why stop there? Kick things up a notch with these adventurous additions:

Hair Designs

Turn your fade into a canvas for self-expression! With careful clipper work, add shaved lines, geometric patterns, or even your favorite symbols into the fade area. This creates a bespoke element that makes your mullet undeniably yours. Think of it like a tattoo, but on your hair!

Pops of Color

Make a splash with bold, vibrant color! You can dye the entire back and top sections or strategically highlight just a few pieces. Imagine electric blue, fiery red, or even neon green peeking out from your natural hair color. Opt for temporary hair dye if you like to switch things up often, or go permanent for a committed burst of personality.

Mullet Perm

Turn up the volume with a classic mullet perm! This gives you a full-bodied mane on top and back, maximizing that “business in the front, party in the back” vibe. This look is a blast from the past, perfect for those who love rockin’ a retro aesthetic with plenty of attitude. Be prepared for some upkeep to maintain those glorious perm-powered curls.

Additional Ideas

The possibilities are truly endless:

  • Braids and Twists: Incorporate small braids or twists into the longer sections for added texture and detail.
  • Accessorize!: A headband, bandana, or snapback cap can add a personalized touch.
  • Embrace the Mess: Let the top and back flow freely, with intentional imperfections for an edgy, carefree vibe.

Remember: The mullet is all about attitude! Have fun experimenting with styling and making the cut your own.


Q: I have curly hair. Can I cut a mid fade mullet?

A: Absolutely! Curly mullets with fades look amazing. Just work with dry hair so you can see your true curl pattern.

Q: Can I fix a bad fade?

A: Minor unevenness can often be fixed. If it’s a major issue, you may need a professional correction.

Q: How do I maintain my mid fade mullet?

A: Regular trims on the sides and back will keep your fade sharp. The top and back can grow freely in true mullet style. Touch up when it starts to feel unruly.

Q: Help! I messed up. What do I do?

A: Don’t panic. If it’s a minor mistake, try blending it out. In extreme cases, you might have to buzz it down and start over. This is where enlisting a friend or watching lots of tutorials beforehand really pays off!


By now, you have all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve a killer mid fade mullet right in your own home. Wear your freshly cut mullet with pride and experiment with different styling techniques to make it unique to you. Remember, the mullet isn’t just a haircut – it’s a rebellious spirit! Own your look, have fun, and let your inner edge shine through.

Feeling inspired? Share photos of your fresh mid fade mullet in the comments below! We’d love to see your awesome creations.

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